Syft Analytical Software

Syft Analytics is a company that links with accounting systems and gives businesses customized reports and financial statements.

The main features of Syft are:

  • To create branded PDF report packs with any combination of visualizations, management accounts and insights
  • Full report customization and flexibility to add graphs, forecasts, tax estimates, benchmarks or any financial statement to PDF report packs
  • Complement reports with unique features such as action plans, draft watermarks, automated commentary, disclaimers and uploaded documents
  • Report packs for profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements
  • Signed annual financial statements

The table of contents  shows exactly what can be used for management to see how the business is performing. Syft connects with the recommended accounting software Xero and will enable you to see forecasts and benchmarks at the click of a button.

This information is vital for a company aiming to grow and get control of their finances, look at comparisons and see what needs attention.