Starling Bank

Proactive have an ongoing partnership with Starling Bank, the UK’s first mobile bank offering super-fast setup, simple money management and 24/7 support with no monthly fees attached. Starling have been awarded Best British Bank 3 years running.


Speedy Setup

Apply within minutes, applications processed within days.

New Account Service

Since the onset of Covid 19, most high street banks have completely shut their new business departments and currently require 6 month waits before you will receive your first appointment. Starling can open new accounts within days.

Bounceback Loan Facilities

Starling are one of the only “Fintech” banks able to offer a bank loan.

Speedy Setup

Apply within minutes, applications processed within days.


Integration with Xero


Real time payment alerts and categorized transactions

Easy deposits

Starling are partnered with the Post Office to handle cash lodgements.

FSCS protection

Starling are a fully registered bank and the FSCS protects any money you keep with them in line with any other major bank.

Get Started

The application form takes only a few minutes.  Start with our link here then simply follow these steps:

  • Download the app from Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Enter your personal details
  • Verify who you are by uploading your identification documents and sending Starling a short video. They’ll carry out some quick checks at a UK Credit Reference Agency
  • Provide a few details about your business, such as its day to day activities and online
  • Starling will then look to approve your application as soon as possible so you can start making the most of all their features.