Tide Bank

Proactive have an ongoing partnership with Tide Bank, we encourage our clients to Sign up and enjoy the benefits of their award-winning business account. Tide has modernised the way banking is done with everything being managed through an app, taking the hassle and admin out of small business banking.


Speedy Setup

Apply within minutes, applications for business current account can be completed in under 10 minutes on a mobile device or via the web.

Company Registration

Company registration can also be completed (for free) by Clients at the time of
sign-up using Tide’s handy Company Registration tool, saving businesses invaluable
time getting their company and/or account set up to operate quickly and efficiently.
No need to visit any branches.

Credit Checking

Credit Checking is not required to open an account thus there is no risk to Clients
trying Tide out alongside an existing account. This speeds up Sole Trader, which
remains a high % of new applications.

Free MasterCard Usage

Free MasterCard usage both at home and abroad and no bank transfer fees for
1 year. These cost saving measures allow the Client to re-invest in their own business
and not worry about extra charges when paying for other business expenses.


Integration with Xero


Real time payment alerts and categorized transactions

Easy deposits

Tide are partnered with the Post Office and PayPoint to handle cash lodgements at over 40,000 locations in the UK!

Free Signup

Free signup on annual or monthly fees, saving Clients money that can be better
invested elsewhere in their business.

Get Started

The application form takes only a few minutes.  Start here!

Trusted by over 300,000 small businesses, Tide offer powerful business current accounts that can be opening in minutes straight from your mobile.

With no monthly or yearly fees, there’s no risk to trying Tide alongside your existing account, so you can see what all the fuss is about!