The RECG provides Invest Northern Ireland customers with financial support for the installation of new equipment that delivers a reduction in raw materials, waste and/or water. This support enables businesses to achieve costs savings and increased productivity through resource efficiency.

Grants are capped at £50,000 with the rate of support at 10% for large businesses, set in line with de-minimis aid rules, and regional aid rates of support at 20% for medium sized businesses and 30% for small / micro businesses.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for this support, businesses must:

  • Be an Invest NI customer
  • Have a qualifying project
  • Have the support of their Client Executive

In the past the grant has been used to support projects such as:

  • Equipment that eliminates the consumption of raw materials or uses less material in design and/or manufacture of product
  • Equipment that improves the efficiency of raw material consumption through improved processing or equipment that enables the re-use of materials and/or waste materials generated through a process on-site i.e. re-use of materials to manufacture product and/or re-use of water
  • Equipment that recovers value from waste and/or water that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere or discharged to land or waterways

Please refer to Resource Efficiency Capital Grant – Guidance Notes (PDF) for applicants

For further information or to receive an application please contact your client executive. Should you be unsure who your client executive is, contact our business support number on 0800 181 4422.

Technical Consultancy Support

Free consultancy support is also available for clients with a resource spend of greater than £30k per year for energy, waste and water costs. This technical support can assist with scoping out the feasibility of projects and technologies for clients wishing to apply for future RECG calls.