March 2016 Budget

Another quarter, another budget.   This year, along with another expected round of cuts, Osbourne has announced a few things which may be of interest to our clients.   First off was a significant cut in Rates, although unfortunately our initial reaction is that this probably won’t extend to Northern Ireland as Rates are set…

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How Can You Avoid an Enquiry From Hmrc?

The question of avoiding what every taxpayer fears – a long and time consuming enquiry from HMRC – is one that should be at the forefront of any good accountant’s mind.  Inherent to this is that we must understand how HMRC target enquiries.  Many of the methods HMRC use in their detection of tax returns…

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Broadband Connection Voucher Government Grants

This is a quick update to make our clients aware of government grants subsidies for SMEs to upgrade their broadband connection within Belfast.   The conditions are as follows:   Your business is within an eligible area one of the 50 cities taking part in the scheme. Check your postcode to find out if you’re eligible You are a SME,…

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