Roundtable with Small Business Commissioner

Proactive recently attended a meeting with the UK’s small business commissioner; which should be available on the ACCA and UK Business Commissioner websites soon.   Overall a helpful meeting, although we were unsurprised to learn that HMRC and most of the government sector were extremely unaware of most of the challenges and realities of operating…

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Changes to R&D Tax Credit from April 2023

HMRC are continuing their crackdown on the R&D Tax Credit scheme, with new rules taking effect in April 2023.  The stated goals of these changes are: To Modernise the regime by extending the relief To refocus the incentives on UK-based R&D To improve compliance by deterring fraud and errors Resolve design flaws of current rules…

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HMRC’s poor service – Complaint from all accountancy regulators

Under pressure from their members our professional bodies have finally broke their silence on HMRC’s poor service.  All of the major accounting regulators have issued a full letter to HMRC calling the organization out over the absolute collapse in their service levels since 2020.   “We are under considerable pressure from our members to demonstrate…

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