This week, Invest NI launched a new round of innovation vouchers.

These are Vouchers worth up to £5,000 that can be used to pay for expertise from public sector knowledge providers such as Universities, Colleges, Technology Institutions or Research Organisations.  The schedule of knowledge providers can be found here.


Typical projects are:

  • Help to develop new or improved products, processes and services
  • Access to information and expertise on new materials
  • Tapping into research and scientific expertise
  • Exploring new technologies
  • Exploring new business models

There is also a list of specifically excluded activities which Invest NI will not support:


Standard mobile apps.

  • General sales activities.
  • Standard business advice.
  • General marketing activities.
  • Buying training for your business.
  • Buying equipment for your business.
  • Business plans and economic appraisals.
  • Website development and online optimisation.
  • Internships for students from knowledge institutions.
  • Software purchases and basic software development.
  • Aid that would promote or subsidise the cost of exports.
  • Achieving compliance with statutory regulations or legislation.
  • Testing products that are not within the ownership of your business.
  • Project costs incurred prior to the issue date of the Innovation Voucher.


If you wish to apply for Innovation Vouchers there are strict deadlines.  The current window closes at 15:00 on Friday 12 May 2023