Unfortunately, just when it appeared that HMRC’s services had reached absolute rock bottom, Jim O’Hara, the chief executive, has found new ways to slash the quality of the service.


From June onwards taxpayers will no longer be able to speak to HMRC about any of their self assessment affairs for a period of three months.


Offering no adequate response or explanation for a complete withdrawal of this fundamental part of the tax system, HMRC are currently claiming that:

“A seasonal SA helpline will make more of our expert advisers available where they are most needed during the summer months.

“Our online services, including the HMRC app, are quick and easy to use and have been significantly improved. I urge customers to explore these fully before deciding to wait to speak to us on the phone.”


It is the professional judgement of Proactive Accounting that HMRC’s online services and app are, in fact, not quick and easy to use.  Rather, these contain enormous gaps in the services offered and simply cannot perform many extremely basic tasks which have been promised to taxpayers by HMRC for over a decade.  Clients are advised that a number of basic fundamental services which cannot be easily conducted via the website will no longer be possible for this period.  There is currently a rumour that accountants will still be able to reach the helpline to handle these for our clients, but as of now HMRC have not confirmed this.