Don’t Let HMRC Reject You!

 As we all get back to normal after a busy tax year end for 2017 we are so happy to have helped so many businesses big and small to understand their tax liability and the ways and rules of HMRC.

Something that comes to light every year is new clients’ telling us about being penalised on their previous self-assessments being rejected for a myriad of reasons.

We want to give you some clear information that will help you not get caught in their web and cost you both money and unnecessary stress!

Tax returns can be difficult and complicated, mistakes often happen when completing returns, but don’t expect it to be rejected if you have claimed expenses reasonably.  The best late tax return excuses and expense claims that have been published by HMRC  list ludicrous claims such as inability to climb stairs to get their return as they suffered from Vertigo. Unsubstituted expenses claimed for on a tax return will be returned to you swiftly so don’t try to buy a 3-piece suite for the office.

More worryingly though is the perception of business owners who think that if they aren’t busy or showing a profit that they don’t need to file.  This is wrong, if you think “my business doesn’t do much” you still must file a tax return.  There is an automatic penalty of £100 for anyone who misses the filing deadline of 31st January, regardless of whether the individual has a tax liability to pay or not.

Don’t be caught out, if you are filing your return with expenses that are not allowed. There are clear guidelines issued by HMRC and if these are not followed a penalty may be issued or even a long, time consuming tax investigation.

Getting clear and honest tax advice from recognised advisers such as ourselves could save you a lot more than money.  Our goal is to prevent you from falling foul of HMRC’s rules while ensuring that you claim the absolute maximum expenditure that you are entitled to claim – to keep your tax at a a minimum.


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We would be delighted to assist with any aspect of your business to help you build and grow financially.