Has your business been ordered to shut or operating at minimal capacity due to increased Covid-19 restrictions within Northern Ireland? You can apply for the Coronavirus Localised Restriction Support Scheme.

Initial guidance from the rates office was that you did not need to apply for this if you received prior rates grants, but following discussions with some of our clients it appears that the rates office do not regard the £10,000 or £25,000 payments in 2020 as being relevant here.  Even if you received those you must apply using the methods below.

(Scheme A)

If your business has been directly ordered to shut you must apply via Land & Property Services here:


(Scheme B)

If your business is in the supply chain and has reduced turnover you must apply to Invest NI here:


If you qualify for support under Scheme A, the only requirement is that the income lost as a result of closure is >50% of your income and your business was trading at 16/10/2020

To qualify for support under Scheme B you must meet the following conditions:

Supply goods or services directly to businesses which are shut by Covid-19 regulations.

Be a business which is dependent on another closed industry in order to operate

Be based in Northern Ireland and trading as of 16/10/2020

Have seen a 40% drop in turnover as a result of the above.

Declare that the income lost was the main source of income.


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